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Dating a scorpio pie chart

Dating a scorpio pie chart

But I would imagine that the majority of you reading this are more accustomed to western astrology.

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So was I, until about three years ago when my interest in Vedic astrology came about. While I still use western astrology, there are concepts of Vedic astrology that I am able to work into my technique to great and accurate results.

In an effort to bring some of this knowledge to the astrology community on tumblr, I wanted to make this quick introduction to the nakshatra, a key component of this divine science. The fundamental difference between western astrology and Vedic astrology is not that one uses a different zodiac than the other.

That is actually not true, because many Vedic astrology students including myself use the tropical zodiac. The fundamental difference is actually that western astrology is rooted in the Sun, and Vedic astrology is rooted in the Moon! I will tie in some common knowledge if that was confusing to you. So, a lunar cycle is about 27 days almost a calendar month, but not quite.

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Now, if you are at least somewhat familiar with astrology, ask yourself how long the moon stays in a zodiac sign. The answer is, sometimes 2 days, sometimes about 2. This ugly time interval comes from 27 days divided by 12 signs.

What the 27 nakshatra of Vedic astrology do is give an astrological uniformity to the lunar cycle where the moon stays in about here nakshatra every 24 hours. So, whichever nakshatra the moon was in when you were born is your nakshatra! You can also look at the nakshatra of your sun, ascendant, ascendant ruler, stellium, or any other placements.

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Here are the nakshatra tropical zodiac coordinates! In just 11 pages, he does an excellent job explaining the existing information on nakshatra, and in the next 27 pages, he translates each nakshatra sutra from Taittiriya Brahmana.

Ernst has made it completely free and is available to read here. If you would like to learn more about basic concepts of Vedic astrology, I also have a post about mahadasas on my blog. My inbox is always open as well if you have any questions!

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