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Dating in usa boxing history

Dating in usa boxing history

The IAB Amateur Division also has an established IAB Amateur Division Ranking System that includes the fighters name, fight record, weight, height, date of birth, trainers name and trainers contact number for promoters.

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These new bodies are for the sanctioning and regulating of both Pro and Amateur Boxing. Both can be found at the web address www.

Dating in usa boxing history

Such aspects include a detailed list of ranked fighters, up to date news, events and event results along with many other things that will include titles as small as State Titles up to World Titles for both Amateur and Professional Boxing.

Between the two they sanction and regulate around Fight Sport events a year around the world.

When the news was announced about the new IAB Amateur organization, word spread fast. What started out to be an organization focused on fighters not wanting to be a part of the USA Boxing Olympic system quickly changed after so many fighters and trainers urged the IAB to re-think about directly competing with USA Boxing because of so many negative aspects they were being told about USA Boxing.

The closing paragraph of the letter read; "If you, the officers and directors of the IAB, or others affiliated with the IAB conduct such illegal activities in jurisdictions which do not permit the same, the ABC will lend its full support and assistance to each and every ABC member commission that may be effected; and, in addition, the ABC, itself, will seek to effectuate appropriate enforcement measures.

Probably because the threatening letter was so far out of line with false accusations about what the ABC "Thought" the IAB was going to do, the reply by the IAB simply set the facts straight.

No one reading this needs anyone here to express the many complaints that many state commissions as well as trainers and fighters have been making here USA Boxing for years now.

Some states such as California actually had to ban USA Boxing from sanctioning events until they made some necessary changes. The goal of the IAB is to regulate safety and fairness for amateur boxers and amateur boxing events, "Where they are allowed to.

Surly USA Boxing would like to use a different word, however, the word "Monopoly" is not meant to be offensive, simply a fact; MONOPOLY: A government-granted monopoly also called a "de jure monopoly" is a form of coercive monopoly by which a government grants exclusive privilege to a private individual or firm to be the sole provider of a good or service; potential competitors are excluded from the market by law, regulation, or other mechanisms of government enforcement.

It is within these states that the IAB will begin working and expand from them.

Such is the case with the IAB's first official event. This is sure to be the beginning of something new and exciting for Amateur Boxing. The IAB Pro Division has yet to confirm their start date but have been speaking with a lot of promoters around the world who already heard about the IAB Pro Division long before this article.

Regardless of when things get going, the past history of the IKF and ISCF through the works of those behind International Fight Sports is enough to prove to anyone that both the amateur and professional divisions of the IAB should be taken very seriously and is surly a fresh new choice with Integrity and Ethics for a sport that has been looking for something fresh for some time now.

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