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Dating men and women voice

Dating men and women voice

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Stop touching their arm every two to three minutes! Unfortunately, there's one major giveaway you might have missed. Your voice changes when talking to someone you fancya new study has revealed — so if you've got a particularly perceptive date, they might already know you're smitten.

As the BBC reports, the researchers recorded conversations between 30 heterosexual speed daters in a cafe. Each man had a six minute conversation with each woman, and both partners indicated afterwards whether they'd like to meet the person again or not.

Listening to the recordings, the researchers noted a striking pattern: both men and women spoke with a slightly lower pitch if they were attracted to their date. Another finding: women only lowered their voice when speaking to a man they fancied, who'd also received favourable attention from other women in the room. Men, however, lowered their voice with women who other men in the room fancied — even if they didn't fancy her themselves. And from now on, I'm only going to refer to dating as "mate choice," because I personally think it sounds far more romantic.

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The findings contradict a common assumption about women's voices, according to lead author Dr. George Fieldman suggested that the unique speed dating environment could be responsible for the women's lower voices.

It suggests we're not quite as subtle as we think. This article was originally published on Dec 20,

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