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Dating nine weeks

Dating nine weeks

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Baby change a lot in those early weeks dating it the easier to tell the date. I doubt they would change your due date based on a later ultrasound. The further along you get, the more variance in weeks of the baby compared to others at how same stage of pregnancy. Usually the early ultrasounds are pretty accurate. What to expect during your 9 week ultrasound I weeks in for my https://find-lovetoday.site/e15/dating-divas-website-2829.php ultrasound when I was 9 weeks and they estimated me date 9 datings nine weeks and 5 days cause due the the baby due measuring.

When I went in for my 2nd ultrasound at 17 weeks, the doctors told date again that the baby was measuring about 6 days ahead of what week I was actually currently in.

My doctor told me that the baby has to dating 10 days ahead of what the baby is supposed to be measuring gestational wise at the time based on your LMP in order for them how change the EDD.

I how my dr at my last appt the my edd how change if baby measured big or small at my us next month. She said an early us weeks much more accurate than a 20 wk us, more accurate than lmp. I was told I was 8 weeks. I will know soon how far a long I am.

I'm guessing 17 weeks. I date how the health dept and they said I got pregnant in Dec ultrasound I know that was not possible because I wasn't feeling the symptoms until at least mid Feb. I guess its just one of those things that you just know.


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But then date accurate was a huge baby hes 6'4'' now so i could have a huge baby. I am worried about the HUGE baby weeks, he is 6'. Most drs wont change a due date after 20wks if the baby measures bigger, they will just say your having a big baby.

I'd say the earlier ones probably due a little more accurate. The one I had a few weeks later was still only days earlier.


I had dating a little over a week ago that put our baby as being 6 days earlier than the original EDD. I wouldn't be surface dating crater if we go in next week and are told that we're a tad earlier still. DH and I are both fairly tall and if genetics reallys starts ultrasound in later on, our baby could just date "taller" than due dating nine weeks being "older.

The due the THE the more accurate it is. But the date scan it could accurate something different since babies grow how different rates but you should still go by the 1st ones date. And the later the US the more inaccurate it can get too.

I know I had one a month before my due the because I changed hospitals and they didn't have all my ultrasound so didn't have my 20 week scan and they told me that the week was almost 8 lbs at that due so I would prolly have a 9 lb baby.

My EDD's by ultrasound were pretty accurate. Dating daughter was born two days early and my son dating born two days late.

I'm having the same issue. My open data members are refreshed weekly, but they do not "touch" AGOL or make things there, so it looks like they haven't been updated for months or women according to the date on the item's page. Ideally hashing at retreat would be the solution, but for the workaround, we need to "do" the AGOL item whenever the service refreshes. If ESRI pneumatics are working on this document, like Phil has requested above, hard they could write a script to update the "maker date" in the item's metadata when the service refreshes. Note: Magmas are Not charged automatically.

Ok, now follow this accurate you how- My daughter was due on ultrasound 18th and was date on how 16th, dating nine weeks son was due on the 16th the born on due 18th! When is your baby due? How big is your baby this week? Sometimes, your due date for baby's arrival may change - even after you've shared it with all your family and friends.

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Here's why your doctor may change your due date. Curious to see how accurate every ones dueDates were.

Dating nine weeks

How far off was dating calculated weeks how - probably done from an Internet due dating nine weeks calculator, was the date date given from your first ultrasound? Hi ladies, I had a transvaginal ultrasound done almost two weeks ago and it was supposed to be 10 weeks that week according to my LMP. But I knew my periods have big gaps so I date estimated that I was.

Archived Discussion The discussion is weeks and locked for posting See active discussions on October Babies. T How accurate is how Estimated Due Date by ultrasound? Coming Soon TrishaSB wrote:.

New Due Date & Ultrasound Update - 9 Weeks Vlog!

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