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Job dating thales brest

Job dating thales brest

They offer a rare opportunity to talented scientists: the chance to set up research programmes of their own.

Job dating thales brest

The topic and team below have been identified for welcoming you to develop your research project at UBO and helping you to write a winning proposal for the European submission in September. General description of the project: Keywords: Microwave passive volumic devices, resonators, filters, systems, tuneability, reconfigurability Job Summary: There is a continually growing need for small-sized microwave filters with good electrical performances insertion losses, amplitude flatness https://find-lovetoday.site/e16/flirtz-mobile-dating-1339.php sufficient phase linearity in the passband, wide band rejection, power handling, and a wide tunability dynamic if the structure is a tunable onelow sensitivity and, if possible, genericity and low cost.

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For low frequencies, notably in UHF, lumped-element filters are presently the most frequently used. They offer the advantage of extremely small size, but suffer from poor quality factors, between 10 and 50, leading notably to very high insertion losses. Volumic filters, made using air cavities, offer quality factors of several thousand that make very good electrical performances possible, but really take up too much space.

They are used over a wide range of frequencies, from the L-band to the millimeter domain, and withstand high power levels. In between, the air filled coaxial resonator offers another compromise.

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It has quality factors aroundbut is less bulky than traditional waveguides. The aim of the work is to explore new concepts of volumic resonators built on original association of coaxial sections.

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The novelty of this work was the construction of a resonator out of a succession of coaxial sections in cascade, where the ground conductor of one becomes the central core of the next, or vice-versa. An advantageous property of SIR is that they allow a substantial reduction in size, while maintaining an acceptable quality factor and a significant distance from the first harmonic.

The specific properties of this particular resonator were fully mathematically described.

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Through circuit and line theory analyses, verified by electromagnetic simulations, we gave for simplified resonators with two and three sections, the theoretical expressions of the frequency behavior. Second order and sixth order filters, were then conceived and realized in the UHF band, to validate the concept and to show the numerous advantages of these resonators.

These preliminary results show that the behavior of the resonator is not conventional and could be applied in many microwave systems, where tunability is needed for instance. The goal is to be able to propose multifunctional resonators, integrated in high performance filters, diplexers and multiplexers. In terms of tunability, the target is one decade, the choice of the accordability element MEMs, diodes This is a great advantage when the aim is to obtain tunability on a very large frequency dynamic.

Another great advantage is that, TEM modes allow to use a circuit approach to design efficiently complex architectures. Compared to an electromagnetic approach, it is possible with a circuit analysis, to establish easily the theoretical expression of the resonant frequency, of the first spurious frequencies, of the transmission zeros and of the quality factor.

Stage Bac + 5, Traitement du signal, IHM, Télédétection pour Performances de drones de guerre des mines (H/F). 10/01/ Brest, France. Background[ edit ] The previous French carriers, Clemenceau and Fochwere completed in and job dating thales brest. The requirement for a replacement was .

So, a mathematical effort to solve the problem is needed. Once the structure is fully electrically defined, it can be used to build a complex filtering function.

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His research, concerns the design of microwave passives devices for centimetric and millimetric wave applications. He supervised 23 PhD Students and several post-docs.

Job dating thales brest

H-number 20, more than citations. They provide an attractive grant for 1 to 2 years including salaries and allowances for mobility, family and research. Applicants can be of any nationality but must not have spent more than 12 months in France in the 3 years immediately prior to MSCA deadline. Following the reception of your application, the eligibility of your profile for a MSCA-EF application will be checked.

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Then the identified supervisor will select the most promising applications regarding the excellence-based competitive conditions and evaluation criteria of the MSCA-IF programme and contact them in due course for further discussions and proposal writing until September If funded, the project proposed in September could start in May The supervisor will be deeply involved in the co-writing of the proposal and you will also receive dedicated support from the European office to write a persuasive proposal in a continuous follow-up process.

Web site for additional job details.

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