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But since it doesn't fit into any forthcoming reviews e. Correspondence IM Viktor Charusin has done yeoman's work in putting together a thorough and absorbing biography of Bogoljubow.

There hasn't been a great deal of material devoted exclusively to Bogoljubow, one of the strongest players in the world at his peak; but the bibliography alone makes interesting reading, and Charusin quotes liberally from a wide variety of sources.

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I have mainly read the biographical section, pleasantly adorned with photos and liberal with links to games. It tells the story of an enormously active and successful player, and that story was so fascinating that I read it straight through.

Interspersed with the biography are stories and incidents. This will certainly be a must-have for all chess historians and fans of the game's past computer required, of course. I also recommend it for players who just want a break from heavy theory to enjoy themselves. I found some mistakes in the analysis, but not enough to be a real problem.

Some of the problem was in game entry, where someone apparently familiar with descriptive formation would mix up 4s with 5s, for example, with absurd results. I also found one 'omission': there was almost no mention of Bogoljubow's wife Frida.

In the original edition of 'Modern Ideas of Chess', Reti refers mysteriously to Bogoljubow 'finding' a wife while a prisoner of war and bringing her home to Russia after the war. This might have been an interesting story continue reading pursue in a CD full of good stories. I haven't read all these books in detail, so in some cases I will just describe the contents and make some general observations.

Of these seven publications, I would say that three tend towards a low-level presentation, and four are more technically-advanced books, which are mainly for the advanced player.


It is published by Everyman the U. Bg5 and 'Modern Lines'the latter updated co-authored by Joe Gallagher. The latter two books are the standard, but as with all openings, these lines have been changing rapidly and need updating.

I have been teaching the Najdorf recently although I've never played itand I was curious that Kosten suggests something different from what I had chosen versus several main lines. So I took a closer look at his recommendations, and I have to give high marks for originality, but in a few cases, low marks for quality. Let me start with a variation that shows Kosten at his best: 6.

Here he presents a variation that he himself has contributed to the theory of going back 20 years!

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Along the way, he improves greatly upon some analysis by Nunn and Gallagher no easy thing to doand clearly explains the variety of move orders for both sides, something I haven't seen elsewhere. Kosten also has original ideas about 6.

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For one thing, with Fischer and Kasparov as two exemplars, many players have given up on 6. Bg5 due to the Poisoned Pawn Variation 7…Qb6and the traditional 7…Be7 lines still seem to work see Nunn for a whole book on this subject. Kosten's recommendation seems unnecessary and possibly just bad.

For example, in his main line with 6. Bd3 hxg5, he is rightfully skeptical of all the previous answers to But at the end of this line, Kxe2 also makes Black's life difficult after either 16…dxe5 Since Black's play doesn't seem to allow for earlier deviations unless one can make something of the 14th-move optionsthis alone casts doubt on Kosten's 7…Nc6.

I was also suspicious of Kosten's main line against 6. Bd3, which looks quite good for White. At the very least, this line is not comfortable for Black, and unlike many openings, there are other, sounder options in the Najdorf. I don't want to give the wrong impression: Kosten's 6. Be2 e5 analysis is excellent, and his analysis of 6. Nde2 Nbd7 intending …b5 8.

Irregular lines are all well-met, and as mentioned, the 6. Bc4 analysis is exceptional. Surely anyone playing or taking up the Najdorf will find plenty of value in this book.

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I just wonder why he needed to pick lines of questionable soundness if I'm right! Another Najdorf repertoire, quite different more …e6-based than …e5-basedis presented in Nigel Davies' 'The Najdorf'. It has far less detail, as befits a video lesson.

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I really enjoy these videos, and Davies is a lively and informative host. Of course, some of the lines are recommended more for surprise value than soundness. Davies' suggestion versus 6. Not a bad practical choice, but a slightly unlucky, because in a game which undoubtedly appeared after the release of the video, Topalov-Salov, Wijk aan Zeethe move 8. A more serious problem arises after 6. He follows White's main line, discovered by Smyslov: 8.

Episode 111 – Nullification with Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center

Nc6, arguing that 12…Qc7 Qxa6 Bb5 is good for Black. I just don't believe in Black's position at all. Against other lines, I like what Davies says. Bc4, he gives Kasparov's 6…e6 7. Bb3 Nbd7 line in some detail, and versus 6. All fun stuff, and great learning material, highly recommended for developing players.

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As with all videos, one has to be careful of blind adherence to the systems offered, which.

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