Opc dating

Opc dating

Various library sources suggest similarlary vague dates. However, documents that surfaced on eBay in late pinpoint specific issues of Hurricane Comic to just after February The documents date between 5 and 13 February The main substance of the agreement is to indemnifying the printers against any claims should the material "be libellous or to infringe any copyright or the rights of any other person or the publication of which may render the Company… liable for damages…" The opc dating cover memo from Argus's "Illustrations Department" notes "We have received two 2 orders from these people for the printing of their "Hurricane" comic, pages and pages… The first issue will be printed next month.

Advertisements for positions vacant at "O.

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Toward the end of its run, Hurricane Comic reduced in size to 24 pages. As it turns out, only two issues specific issues meet the criteria specified in these documents. Issue 16 is 36 pages; 17 is 32 pages; and 18 is 24 pages. If Hurricane was generally monthly, which seems likely, the opc dating issue was published in October If the preceding series of one-shots were also released monthly, which is less certain given war-time paper and ink restrictions, then Monsoon Series C1 was released mid

The OPC Lost Tapes #3

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