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Pauly d dating black girl

Pauly d dating black girl

In the show's two-hour premiere, Pauly D met a group of women competing for his heart Anyone who tuned into the premiere is probably wondering is Pauly D single after Double Shot at Love or did he actually find love? Let's see what we can uncover.

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Unfortunately, because pre-taped dating competitions like this know how to cover their bases, there does not seem to be any evidence of Pauly D currently dating any of the Double Shot at Love contestants. That does not mean that he isn't dating one of them, though — MTV would just make them hide the relationship until after the season is finished airing.

The Double Shot at Love star previously dated Aubrey O’Day, but they called it quits in Since then, Pauly D has been romantically linked to other women, but he maintains that he’s still looking to get into a serious relationship. Shortly after Pauly D broke up with O’Day. He romanced co-star Jenni “Jwoww” Farley in, but their fling only lasted a few months before he moved on to Angelina Pivarnick. Pauly appeared to be in a serious relationship with Rocio Olea, whom he met during the cast’s trip to Miami in Pauly’s most serious. whats the difference between kreshawn from the bay and pauly d from rhode He's a white dude while she isn't and this is a forum full of black women who.

There actually were some rumors about Pauly D potentially dating JWoww after her divorce last month — the two co-stars dated before all the way back in the first season of Jersey Shore — but those rumors were squashed almost as soon as they began. So, by all accounts, Pauly D is supposedly unattached right now, which could also mean that he is hiding a relationship with the winner of Double Shot at Love.

Thankfully, we can narrow down the options a bit more now that the two-part premiere episode has aired.

Pauly D has already sent two contestants home: the suddenly weepy bartender Cate left of her own accord and then Pauly D kicked out Alli for looking too similar to his ex-girlfriend, Aubrey O'Day. Although finding the standouts in Pauly D's group was less clear than in Vinny's, there were a few women who seemed to form a stronger bond with the DJ.

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Nikki, in particular, seems to be the frontrunner for Pauly D's heart after the premiere. Pauly D admitted he was immediately attracted to her, and he grew even closer to her during their one-on-one talk.

He was impressed by how chill she was especially among the ridiculousness of the other contestantsand she was the only read article that he spoke to about his daughter, Amabella. MTV While Nikki seems to be Pauly D's frontrunner right now, there are a couple other contestants who stood out to him as well. He also mentioned being interested in Elle and Suzi after getting to know everyone, but Nikki seemed to be his deepest connection from the first night.

Holly entered the house as part of Vinny's group of women, but she made it very clear that her ideal man is Pauly D. Now that the competition has opened up so that the contestants can pursue whichever man they choose, you can bet that Holly will try to get to know Pauly D a lot better.

Odd Things About Aubrey O'Day And Pauly D's Relationship Exposed

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