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Dating site xx great patriotic war

Dating site xx great patriotic war

The Great Patriotic War. Belarus" is a special jubilee rubric of the Archives of Belarus website, an internet resource of the State Archival Service of the Republic of Belarus. This project is a contribution of the state archives of the Republic of Belarus to the memorial events commemorating the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. Objectives and expected results The project aims to raise awareness of WWII events in Belarus, to show the tragic and heroic pages of this war, to honour the memory of war victims, to express respect and gratitude for people whose bravery and heroism brought the Victory over Nazi Germany, and to show the extent of the contribution the Belarusian people made in the struggle against the Nazi occupiers.

The project is expected to create in the Internet network a more complete picture about the subject based on primary documentary sources and to expand knowledge of the history of Belarus in the Great Patriotic War. This also serves to acquaint the general public with the wartime records held in the state archives of the Republic of Belarus, to make them more accessible, to increase interest in the national history, to foster patriotism in the Belarusian citizens, to strengthen antiwar attitudes in the society, and to raise awareness of Belarus among the international community.

Summary information on 27 archival publications relating to the Great Patriotic War in Belarus directories, documentary editions, research paperswith links to their contents and prefaces in the Russian version of the website. A virtual exhibition of documents textual records, photographs, film and sound recordings selected from 12 state archives in the Republic of Belarus.

In all, the online wounded soldiers dating features wartime records digital copies of the originals available from the Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings itemsthe National Archives of the Republic of Belarus 89the Belarusian State Archives-Museum of Literature and Art 15the Belarusian State Archives of Scientific and Technical Documentation 12the regional state archives in Brest 4Gomel 6Grodno 1and Mogilev 3and the local state archives in Baranovichi 6Kobrin 1Mozyr 1 and Molodechno 5.

The records in the exhibition are arranged into nine topics illustrating different stages and aspects of the Great Patriotic War.

Dating site xx great patriotic war: 65 years of victory. the great patriotic war. belarus

The material is structured in two levels: - List of records, including their title, place and date of creation, location index. The prevailing majority of the documents are the originals. There are also drawings, charts, maps,12 sound recordings and two film recordings.

The exhibition features historical documents from the pre-war, war and after-war periods. These are the official records, including previously classified material created by the governing bodies of the Soviet Union and the Belarusian SSR, the local authorities, the occupation authorities and army formations, the Extraordinary State Commission for Investigation of Nazi Crimes and personal records diaries, memoirs, letters etc.

Dating site xx great patriotic war

The sound recordings include the radio announcement of Germany's attack on the Soviet Union, orders by the Supreme Commander in Chief, operational reports on the liberation of Belarusian towns, the act of the German surrender etc. The war newsreel gives an insight into the occupation regime in Belarus and the partisan parade celebrating the liberation of Minsk. Among the textual records more than a half are typescripts, nearly a third are prints, and a number of hand-written documents.

The Jubilee Medal "Twenty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War – was a state On his left the date in prominent numbers "", on his right " ". In center, a relief five pointed star overlapping the Roman numeral "XX" over a Order "For Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR". The Eastern Front of World War II was a theatre of conflict between the European Axis powers The battles on the Eastern Front of the Second World War constituted the The Eastern Front, as the site of nearly all extermination camps, death This date is celebrated as a national holiday – Victory Day – in Russia ( as part. Vladimir Putin twists the memory of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazism to justify Are these Red Army/NKVD officers also a glowing legacy of the so- called Great Patriotic War? long haul until the current revanchist Russia of XX century starts transforming Please keep me up to date about the latest articles by email.

Some documents bear autographs of military leaders and the chiefs of the partisan movement. The majority of records are in the Russian language, part of them being a translation from German into Russian.

The others are in Belarusian and German. The offered materials are by no means exhaustive and suggest that further work in this direction may be worthwhile. Project participants General supervision of the project — O.

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Coordination for the collection of archival material, selection of records, and revision of reference data — G. Zholnerkevich, adviser at the scholarly use of records and information division at the Department for Archives and Records Management of the Republic of Belarus. The content of the section is developed by the Belarusian Research Centre of Electronic Records: - Project idea, contents and structure development — D.

Glazovskaya; - Reference materials — A.

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Solomevich; - Development of the English version — S. In the identification of records and making of digital copies also participated the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus T. Web design and graphics by the Belarusian Research Centre for Electronic Records: - Web management, graphics, sound recordings, html-version — G.

Kokhanova; - Page layout, graphics, html-version — G.

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Dashkevich; - Scanning and processing archival material and documents — V. Adamchik; - Film recordings — E.

Gaichuk; - Home page, sound recordings — Yu. Notes The use of the material featured in the section "65 Years of Victory. Belarus" requires a reference to the source of the information: the Archives of Belarus website and the individual archive in which the records are held.


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For other issues relating to the use of the featured records, please contact the individual archives their contacts can be found on the Archives and Institutions page on this website.

For your comments and opinions please email: ed archives.

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