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Dating site zo lilly doll

Dating site zo lilly doll

Additionally, there are some more options for Hanging - two options; learn more about Z-Onedoll's hanging options ; and for Packaging - by default, the doll is shipped in a cardbord box; alternatively, she can travel in a flight case. Last but not least, all ZO dolls can be equipped with body heating, and for some heads an audio replay feature is available; learn more about Z-Onedoll's body heating and audio replay. The selected customization options are submitted to the manufacturer and will be confirmed.

Dating site zo lilly doll

If certain configuration combinations are not feasible or special requests would lead to surcharges, you will receive a corresponding notification, or otherwise an order confirmation. For certain models, you can select a Quality Level: Standard quality means that the doll is delivered as she is supplied by the factory.

In case of controlled delivery, only a goods receipt check is performed. These are precisely the same products, which are referred to elsewhere as "premium quality".

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Experience has shown that made in Chinea products can be of a high quality, indeed - but also there may be variations in production quality. Best possible quality means that an extensive test procedure is carried out by an independent service provider on location in China.

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More information about the PQC. A final price offer for the chosen configuration is only made with the order confirmation. Up to this point, you can change configuration options at any time.

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If you are still unsure about some customizations, give yourself to a few days of contemplation. Only when you are completely satisfied with your desired configuration, you transfer the amount shown in the order confirmation. Individual production. After payment has cleared, your ZO will be individually manufactured and equipped according to the selected customization options.

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The lead time to make the doll is typically about working days as of March Usually, a couple of confirmation photos are made available by Z-Onedoll when the doll is completed in China.

Upon completion, your ZO will be carefully packed together with the selected head and delivered immediately to the shipping carrier. Shipping to to most destinations in the U. Your ZO will most likely travel with Fedex; if you prefer alternative shipping options, please contact us in advance: View contact form.

For shipment tracking you will receive a tracking code. Within tracking, an estimated delivery date is given.

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Individual customizations:.

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