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Replying to messages on dating sites

Replying to messages on dating sites

Hello, I'm Matt or Bod, if you will.

I love your musical tastes and your smile! See, it's quite easy to strike up a conversation with folk on here, but have you felt that your attempts have fallen on deaf ears?

Replying to messages on dating sites

Is the person you're trying to talk to trying to boost their ego with as many messages as they can get? Are they 'Too Cool' to talk to you?


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Do they just not like your looks? I was looking at the FAQs and Help forum, and saw that there were a couple of people who actually thought that the message function was broken because they had no replies see Pages 8 to I must admit I myself get little to no reply if I message people, and I try to message back as soon as possible, but I'm not on here a lot so I may look like I deliberately ignore people Maybe you are the same Either way I would like to hear from all sides, the young, the old, the cool, the desperate, the geeks, the beautiful, the hipster, the socialite, the commercial and the alternative - everyone, to get your take on this Maybe, you'll make friends with someone you didn't expect to!

Let's face it, we've all at some point clicked on an incoming message, sighed with disappointment that it wasn't from 'the one', and swiped delete before carrying. Here are some online dating message tips to help you write It keeps the conversation going and gives them something to respond to. After all, isn't that what you signed up for when you joined an online dating site?. Our resident agony aunt, dating expert Charly Lester, offers advice on what to do when someone you're messaging online suddenly stops replying. remember that people correspond different on online dating sites than in other areas of life. Which style of first contact message is most likely to receive a reply? You've found a dating site you want to use, and you've created a profile.

Oh yeah people, please don't ignore the topic to be 'Ironic' for that is not the definition of irony it's just rude! I'm not sure what in particular makes a guy qualify as "out of my league" I personally don't think like that I just want to meet someone nice who can hold a decent conversation!

Surely we are all equal on here, aren't we?! As for being "single for a reason" I guess there is probably some truth in that. We are all single for a reason.

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And we all have "baggage" from our past. However, none of the above are good reasons for not replying to messages! You don't have to meet anyone if you don't want to, but it's only polite to send a quick reply to someone who has taken the time and trouble to get in touch with you.

Having said that, there is no point losing too much sleep over someone who doesn't reply to your messages Incidentally, I doubt very much that anyone on here is receiving "several dozen emails a day"!

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