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Uk dating sites list amazon

Uk dating sites list amazon

More I don't recognise a transaction There are a number of reasons why a transaction might seem unfamiliar. If there's a transaction on your account you don't recognise, here's what to do.

See this list for examples of common trading namesexamples of common trading names. Then check to see if you recognise the location where it was made.

Uk dating sites list amazon

You should also check that no one else with access to your account has made the payment. Lines open 7am — 11pm, seven days a week. We can also cancel them for you.

Always cancel subscriptions with the business and retailer you took it out with first. We can then look at any future subscription payments and stop them for you. To cancel a subscription or regular payment contact the business or retailer directly. But be aware of any terms and conditions you may've agreed to, like giving a notice priod before you cancel.

If you think someone has accessed your account without your consent, contact us https://find-lovetoday.site/e13/online-dating-3478.php. If you think this could be a family member, friend, joint account holder or anyone else who might have access to your account, ask them if they know anything about the transaction.

Common business and retailer names Some businesses and retailers may appear on your statement under a different name to the one you know them as.

This table features five common business and retailer names and an option to view a fuller list. Common business and retailer names Retailer or business name.


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