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Uk dating sites list java

A Locale object is just an identifier for a region--it does not contain any application-specific data for that region.

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These Locale objects do not contain the population, literacy rate, or any other AroundTheWorld specific data. The application-specific data is contained in resource bundles. The program uses a Locale object to identify what the current locale is and to decide which resource bundle to use to construct its display.

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Let's take a look at the source code for AroundTheWorld. In particular, let's focus on the code that uses Locale objects. AroundTheWorld currently supports three locales--the United States, France, and the United Kingdom--and uses three of the Locale class's convenient constants to create them.

US is equivalent to: new Locale "en", "US" ; This particular Locale constructor requires two arguments: The language code and the country code for the Locale that you want to create. The language codes are lower-case, two-letter codes defined by ISO These codes should only be used programmatically.

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To display the language name to the user, use getDisplayLanguage. Again, these codes should only be used programmatically.

To display the country name to the user, use getDisplayCountry. For example, the following code snippet creates a California Locale object. If you tried to get a number formatter or other similar object for this locale, it will be suitable for the more general United States locale.

The variant codes are vendor and browser-specific. Remember that if the Variant is not found, the more generic version will be used. Where there are two variants, separate them with an underscore, and put the most important one first.

The JDK provides support for the following locales: Locale.

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